PRP Therapy for Hair Loss is an Option for Me to Try

I have been losing my hair for a number of years now. When I was a young man, I poked fun at a couple of friends who were going bald in their 20s. Now they are telling me about what goes around comes around. They know I was only joking, but now that it is happening to me, I am a bit sensitive about it. Not too bad, but I am looking into PRP treatment in Westchester County, NY. I have tried the liquids and the foams at varying levels of success. However, you have to keep that stuff up forever. Even though I work it into my daily routine, sometimes I let it go when I am in a rush. I wanted something that would help me regrow my own hair.

I have not tried the transplanted hair yet. I might give it a go, but I wanted to try something a whole lot simpler first. Continue reading


Trying to Get My Knee Fixed

I tore up my knee in a cycling accident about six months ago and the doctors have not really been able to fix it to my satisfaction. I am not as young as I used to be, but I am too young to be hobbling around with the help of a cane. So I have been looking around to try to figure out how to get something that will help me, right now I have been trying to figure out whether or not PRP therapy in Westchester county NY is going to be the answer that I am looking for. That is something that I was aware of in a vague way, because I have heard about basketball players having it done because they had knee injuries and obviously if you are paid to run and jump, then you are willing to do what it takes to insure that you can run and jump well enough to get paid. Continue reading


Trump Doing a Bipartisan Approach

Whenever I want to get the latest Trump news, there is just one place that I go. It is a news feed that is all about Trump and what he is doing to make our nation great again. Just today, I was on there and something really surprised me, but I am fully supportive of it as well. It seems as if President Trump is doing his best to make sure he is including the Democrats in Congress on his plans. To be honest, I was not sure that was going to happen at all in his presidency let alone this early in it.

That makes me happy though that he is taking this approach. I believe that we all can find something on the other side to agree with. Continue reading